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Winter Frey is a main protaginist of the Conspiracy 365 series as of the 2nd book, February. She rescues Cal from the oil tank when Vulkan Sligo throws him in. She later becomes romantically involved with Cal, as shown in December, where they kiss, and Revenge, where they are revealed to be dating. In Malice, she finds out that she inherited the Perdita property at Deception Bay. Because of this, Oriana De La Force wants to kill her so she can find a special treasure of gold coins from the ship The Windbreaker.

Appearance Edit

Winter has dark hair and blue eyes. She is described as being quite pretty by Cal and Boges. Winter's father was Chinese, so she inherited his eyes.

Background Edit

Winter originally belonged to a wealthy family, but after an accident that took her parents' lives, her guardian became  Vulkan Sligo. It is revealed in June that the accident occurred on her birthday. It is later revealed in November that on her 10th birthday, her parents had to work, and Winter begged them to take her to the aquarium instead. However, someone had sabotaged their car causing it to crash, thus killing her parents. Later in the book, it is revealed that Sligo sabotaged the car and changed Winter's parents' will so that he would inherit their money.

Behind the Scenes Edit

- Winter is portrayed by Melbourne born actress Marny Kennedy

- In the TV series Winter has Light brown hair but she has black hair in the book series

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