Gabbi Ormond Edit

Gabbi is Cal's nine-year-old sister. She was put in a coma by her uncle Rafe. She recovers later on in the series,  then is kidnapped by Oriana de la Force's thugs. Gabbi has a very close relationship with Cal to the extent of going to find him in a old, ghostly, and spooky graveyard. Gabbi gave Cal a Celtic ring her father (Thomas Ormond) gave her before he was killed by a virus he got in Ireland. Cal later gave Gabbi back the ring when he visited her in hospital during her coma. In Malice, Gabbi wants to come to Perdita with Winter, Boges, and Ryan, but Winter tells her she couldn't come because it was not safe and included the fact that they had just thought they had seen the ghost of Perdita.

Appearance Edit

Gabby is said to have blonde hair and blue eyes like her big brother Cal. She is said to love wearing pink.  She is also fond of chocolate.

Family Edit

Gabby has a mum called Winifred Ormond (Emily Ormond in the films) and a deceased dad called Tom Ormond. She has a sixteen-year-old brother called Callum (Cal). Her uncle Rafe (deceased) never had a close relationship with her. She also likes to hang out with Boges, Cal's best friend.She also seems to start liking Winter when they rescued her after she was kidnapped.