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12 books 12 months

Plot []

Callum Ormond

On New Year's Eve, Callum Ormond is chased down the street by a crazed man with a deadly warning:

They killed your father.

They'll kill you.

You must survive the next 365 days!


Callum Ormond 

An average 15 year old boy, that was until his father died. Throughout the next 12 months Callum goes after the Ormond Singularity-some condition related to h  

are out for the singularity and don't have second thoughts about killing anyone who gets in the way. Winter Frey and Boges are his friends that are helping him along the way. Throughout the next twelve months Callum travels from around N.S.W Australia all the way to Ireland hoping to find out what the Ormond Singularity is.